Bipphy Kath

Sun Burnt

Dear Friends, (Lights up in BLACK) Welcome to a sunset from Eastern coast of Australia. After a long time my big stopper saw some light of the day and I shot this 335 second exposure with the sky filled with colors. I loved the pastel shades in the backdrop of the lonely tree. Enjoy the Light.

Take me Back

Welcom back Light Lovers, Here is a shot from a few days back which I loved taking and processing. There was something about this new place that my co-shooter introduced me to that had me fall in love with this place. I went to shoot this tree having planned a long exposure with clouds flying around but as nature had planned, there were none. I kept exploring this place well past sunset till I was rewarded with some magical colors and a fallen leaf. The tide was low and slow and the receding water was diificult to capture and balance with the rest of the image till I came down to 1/3 sec shutter speed. Enjoy the Light.

Morning Bliss

Hello Light Lovers, Welcome to yet another sunrise. Yeah, I have moved to the east coast of Australia and sunrise is what I am doing nowadays. This shot is from today morning from Slade point, Mackay. The cloud cover was just enough to delay sunrise for some time and we had some great colors with a nice tide going along. I was almost fully drenched by the time I started back home but it was a fantastic feeling. A 0.9 reverse grad was used for this shot. Feel the Light.

Morning Glory

Dear Friends,(View in Black) Presenting one for my first planned outing in Mackay. It took me a while to get used to the new place and work and still in the process of settling but life goes on and I was itching to go out and do something. Finally when my friend Belinda McMahon asked me if I could join for a sunrise shoot, I just had to go. This picture is from a glorious morning from Blacks Beach, Mackay. The only one thing we wished for were some clouds and there were absolutely none. This picture is a composite of two of my images and the sky was added to the image. I liked how the rocks reflected the colors all arounbd. Enjoy the Light.

Rocklit Sunset

Dear Friends,(ONLY IN BLACK) Digging the archives and trying to catch up with the unprocessed work is all I do nowadays. Between work and settlement, I try processing these shots from last year and present them to you before I dig into the new place. This was one of the most colourful sunsets I saw in Adelaide and I happy to be ready to shoot then to watch it from my workplace or home. Needed a good few hours of processing work to come to this stage. Surface blurring, dodging and adding some reflections, here and there. A 0.9 reverse grad was used for this shot. Share the Light.

Dream Fall: Erskine

Dear Friends,(ONLY IN BLACK) Digging the unprocessed archives bought out this Erskine falls shot. It was the first time I was shooting and I had forgotten my polarizer in the rush. The falls had a good attendance and the sun was straight over the head till some divine intervention happened. The sun was hidden behind clouds and people moved out and the longer exposure helped me with a clean shot. The light was diffused and a very dreamy effect which I tried to recreate in the processing. Hope It looks well. Minimal radial blur at bottom to enhance the flow. Many thanks to my friend Sharma for taking me to this spot. Rejuvenate in the divine Light.

Before Sunrise

Dear Friends, Been shooting nothing for many days and thought it was a good time to catch up on old stuff. This picture from april this year was unprocessed and reminded me of the wonderful shooting days in Adelaide. Enjoy the Light.

Evening Glow

Dear Friends, After yesterdays upload, many of my friends wanted to see the new place I have shifted to(Mackay). This was shot a few days back and processed today. This whole Queensland area is beautiful and lots of places to shoot around, which I will be exploring soon. This shot is from Lake Kinchant which is half an hour drive from Mackay. I had planned a few sunset shots but the absence of clouds kept me uninterested till I found this place just as I was about to leave. Stay tuned, lots coming up. Enjoy the Light.

Lasting Memories: Adelaide

Dear Friends, Been gone long but hopefully not long enough to be forgotten. Shifted base from Adelaide to Mackay and have been very busy settling down in the new place. Finally got down to process some of my last captures from Adelaide. Hope it has come out well.

Golden Light

Hello Friends, I am back with another sunset shot from the last posted shoot. This was shot earlier(20 min or so) before the fisherman shot. I loved how the golden light lit up the wild grass and the soft sand looked absolutely golden. My favourite jetty can be seen as well. Single shot, no filters. Enjoy the Golden Light.

Lonely Fisherman

Hello Friends, Adelaide has been having some terrific sunsets this winter. I was lucky enough to notice one of these and be in a good position to capture one of the scenes I had visualized for a long time. Had to wait for sometime till I could get the sun in the correct position just under the jetty and the lone fisherman just added to the scene. Enjoy the glow. Starburst added in processing.

Morning glow

Hello Friends, Presenting a sunrise when the colors were out of the world. This was shot a few seconds before the actual sunrise. See it in BLACK

Lilium: Ignite

Hello friends, A lot of landscape work means that its time for some macro work. Presenting this macro to ignite your senses. Stay Ignited.

Sea Fall

Hello Friends, A busy week and back I am with another shot from the morning shoot at Petrel cove. I love that pace for the combination of angry sea and the rock formation. Enjoy the fall and the beautiful morning Light.

Autumn Walk

Hello Friends,(Must see in BLACK) A shot taken on an outing a month back with my Kid to the Adelaide botanic gardens. Had planned to do some quick macro work in the gardens while my kid played around but while driving out saw this amazing scene. The macro lens did well to bring out the details and I felt pretty happy to see the results that I could take shots at 1/50 handheld with this heavy combo(combined weight of lens+ camera almost 2kgs). Sometimes you get lucky and a good shot just walks into your camera. Enjoy the Enlightenment.

12 Apostles

Hello Friends, Presenting an old image from my collection which I try to reprocess again and again as my processing skills develop. I never felt I could do justice to the actual scene but I think I am getting there each time and I feel this is the best effort yet. It was cold, it was windy and it had been raining for many hours till then. The sun just peeked ot for a short time to form these magic golden rays.The wind and rain and sun together created a fantastic atmosphere and mist/fog can be seen over the apostles. This is a handblended image of 2 exposures from a set of five bracketed images. Love the place and the great atmosphere. Enjoy the Light.

Along the Path

Hello Friends, Presenting a capture from my trip to the Mount Lofty gardens yesterday.. It was cloudy but the light was good and while trying to locate the already gone autumn colors, I came across this beauty. The X-TI with tilting screen allowed to to shoot low without breaking my back. Enjoy the winter Light.

Princes Pier: Blue Hour

Hello Friends, Digging up the archives to finish unprocessed old work brought me to the Melbourne series. We spend a good couple of hours on the Princes pier from sunset onwards and included this beautiful blue hour. The Light was fading but still enough to bring out all the details in this 152 second exposure. The overall lighting was tricky as the pier was illuminated by some sort of halogen bulbs with a strong yellow cast. Enjoy the Light.


Hello Friends, Welcome to another shot from the sunrise series a month back with Jason Crowell. It was indeed a fantastic morning and this place at Petrel Cove was like a photographers paradise. This was a very difficult shot as the waves were very unpredictable and high. Me and my friend were pitted next to each other in this narrow space submerged in water upto knees and laughing at what was ahead of us. The exposure was pretty difficult and I turned to bracketing and this final product is handblended from a 5 bracket shot with a CPL attached. It was just morning and the light was hitting one of the small rock formations. Hope you all like this shot which is one of my favourites due to the difficult shooting conditions and then processing to get it close to the fantastic morning that day was. Enjoy the Light.

Sunset: Arise

Welcome back to Sunsets, This sunset from last year had some interesting cloud formations which reflected the light even after the sun had already gone down. The same color was reflected in the water. I loved the colors that the evening presented us with. I had tried to process this image quite a few times in the past but was never happy with the results. This time around I think I could convey the mood of that evening. Enjoy the light.

Autumn: Heavenly

Hello Friends, been busy the last few days. Presenting another autumn color feast from Adelaide before the colors die and the winter set in. Taken while walking outside the Botanical gardens. The road is beautiful and it took me 4 visits to find a time when no one was around for a clear shot. Saturation and glow added to give it the heavenly feel. Let me know how it looks. Love the Light.

Center of attraction

Hello Friends, Welcome to the Autumn bloom in Adelaide. A recent visit to Adelaide botanical gardens was pretty fruitful as I could do some macro work after a long time. The flowers were fresh after the recent rains and the whole mood refreshing. Enjoy the bloom.

Poise: Autumn

Welcome back to the Autumn Mania,(Only in Black) The riot of colors in Adelaide continues and before we lose all the color, lets enjoy the beautiful scenery around us. The colors were definitely beautiful and the Light, well I cant complain. The center green portion looked to be so well balanced between the Autumn colors. Love the Light.

Himalayan foothills

Hello Friends, Digging back into old shots, I found this shot which was left unprocessed. This was shot in 2011 during a family trip to Dehradun and Mussoorie in the Himalayan foothills. What I liked most about this image is the horse. The combo of camera with 300mm lens with 1.4Tc was quite heavy to shoot handheld and I reckon this shot too had a minimal shake which I have tried to correct just to present the magnitude of this beautiful place. Be Enlightened.


Hello Friends, My first attempt at this type of processing. BEST IN BLACK. I was always fascinated by this kind of work and wanted to try it but somehow never had a picture which i thought I could play with. It is a few hours of my sundays work. This is not a composite and is a single image shot on a bright day using Lee big stopper. Part of the early morning madness with Jason Crowell. The bird surprisingly stood there for 101 seconds. The inspiration comes from Joel (Julius) Tjintjelaar.

Stormy Days

Hello Friends, Presenting a black and white from one of my previous shoots. ONLY IN BLACK. The sky and the sea both looked in an angry mood and I could sense the incoming storm from the dark clouds.

Mount Lofty(IR)

Welcome back to the Invisible world. This shot is from Mount Lofty Botanical gardens in Adelaide. The trees here change color with autumn and look beautiful around this part of the year. I am slowly getting the feel of IR shooting and processing and feel this image is much better then yesterdays. Enjoy the Light.

Morning Colors

Hello Sun Chasers, Welcome to the second processed shot from the Morning shoot a few days back.( BLACK VIEW IS A MUST) The colors were really beautiful and I for once felt I was missing something by not going out more often to shoot sunrise(lazy i reckon) Enjoy the colors and the Beautiful light.

Sun Kissed

Hello Friends, More Here Welcome back to the test drive of Fujifilm X-T1. It was a fun day shooting with some warm sunlight on a cold day, but the camera kept me busy enough. This was another shot that impressed me, when despite pointing direct into the sun the flare was well controlled and the exposure and colors spot-on. enjoy the Light

Autumn in Adelaide

Dear Friends, More Here Went testing my newly acquired Fujifilm X-T1 today and tried to capture the autumn in Adelaide. ONLY IN BLACK. Have to say that I am highly impressed with the new Fujifilm products and this comes from a die-hard nikon fan. The out of camera colors are fantastic and the JPEGs look so real that I decided to shoot JPEGS instead of raw today. The new XF10-24mmF4 R OIS is a real beauty and focuses real close to give some interesting perspectives for a wide angle lens. I for sure am impressed. Love the light.

Erskine again

Welcome to the Fall world, (must see in BLACK) This trip last year ending was really fruitful for me as I was on a shooting spree for many many days. This trip to Erskine falls was unplanned but my friend Sharma insisted we go there and well he was absolutely right. We climbed down and damn, I noticed I left my polariser home. But we went ahead for an shooting and all I had was my ND4 which I reckon served me well. I plan to go again. Love that Light.

Passing Moments

Hello Friends, Presenting a shot from the rugged seashores down south of Adelaide. BLACK VIEW ONLY> I was here for a morning shoot with a friend and we had a great time shooting. The rock formation here was pretty amazing but I felt the sky was not complementing the whole picture as such. Needed some processing work to get this effect with a radial blur added to make it look more dynamic. Would love to know how it looks. Love the Light.

Split Wide open

Hello Friends, This scene from around sunset a month back was very captivating. It was a cloudy day and I had planned some long exposures for the cloud movement but suddenly the sky opened up and the beautiful golden streak appeared as if splitting the sky up. You saw nothing, if not seen in BLACK Enjoy the Light.

The Incoming

Hello Friends, When mates go out shooting, they go for long. We continued the sunrise shoot till a little later and were greeted by some wonderful shooting conditions. The cocktail of angry sea with fast moving clouds took us to a new high amidst this rocky terrain. SEE ONLY IN BLACK. The dynamic range was too much and I had to resort to exposure bracketing to get it all right. This picture is a combination of two bracketed shots, one for the foreground and one for the sky. Keep Chasing the light.

Encounter Sunrise

Dear Friends, And yes finally a sunrise shoot. It took a special effort from me to finally go out and shoot a sunrise. My friend Jason Crowell and me decided to just go out one early morning on this day and shoot a sunrise, I wouldnt have probably gone but for him. We left home early at 4am and a 90 minute drive brought us to Encounter bay. This is the scene just before sunrise when the light began to spread and the horizon was getting lit up. Enjoy the light.

Cloud Painting

Hello Friends, This long exposure taken just around sunset(Blue hour) at the Grange jetty brought some unique patterns due to the very fast cloud movement that day. The Clouds were travelling sideways as compared to the vertical movement mostly seen and left behind interesting streaks, like a paint brush. Lee big stopper used to get a more than 10 minute exposure. To maintain symmetry in composition, I cloned out the lights on one side.

Erskine Falls

Hello Friends, A break from sunsets and going back to Erskine falls.The earlier picture from the same place( I thought did not highlight the foreground and hence I decided to crop it to bring the foreground in prominence, Must see in BLACK Hope it looks fine.

Brighton: Fired u

Hello Friends, Another capture from the wonderful evening at the Brighton Jetty. The sky was amazing and the new B+W vari-nd was up to the mark in color rendition. The ghost effect due to the guys fishing I thought added to the effect. Would love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy the Light.

Goa: Dreams Revis

Hello Friends, Revisiting one of my old favourite shots with some new learnt processing skills. The only time I did a sunrise shoot. Goa, India. Hope it is looks good.

Brighton: Ablaze

Hello Sunset Hunters, Adelaide has been having some amazing sunsets recently and I was fortunate enough to capture one at the Brighton jetty. The colors are more or less straight out of the camera, not increased. I had a new B+W Vari-ND with me and was pretty pleased with the color rendition, accept that it vignettes at 16mm. This place has been extensively photographed, hence wanted a different composition. Hope it works. Surface blur added in post-processing.

As time goes by

Dear Friends, Welcome to another sunset from Adelaide. Had been planning a cross-processed look with a nostalgic feel and this picture with the vacant seat and the clouds flying by looked tempting enough to try it. As always would love to know how it looks. Enjoy the lighted view.

12 Apostles:Magical

Hello Friends, Back after a week or so. Still processing the images from my last Melbourne trip and this picture is from my favorite shooting place: the 12 Apostles. What a magical place!!!!! I wanted to do a sunset here with a long exposure but it was too cold and crowded to do that. MUST SEE IN BLACK. I have been here before but wanted a different view this time and hence opted for this triangular composition. The sky was looking a bit slow/dull for the dynamics of the scene and hence a gentle radial blur was added. I have always felt that I could never do any justice to the magic at the 12 Apostles, but would like to hear your view. Enjoy the Light.

2 Infinity

Hello Friends, Presenting one from the Melbourne series. Taken in December 2013, this was left unprocessed till now. This is a fantastic place to shoot and I really loved being there with atleast 20 other photogs. Love the way the Princes pier seem s to go to infinity and disappear. Follow the Light.

The Bud

Hello Nature lovers, It really has been a long time since I did some serious macro work. This shot is from my backyard, and I was eyeing these flowers for a long time till this bud make me take the plunge. Hope you like it .


A dark theme was on my mind for a long time and this picture seemed to fit the concept I had in my mind. Black and white photography always seems challenging to me and I hope to have done some justice to this image. The main element were the clouds and the human form. Birds were added in post-processing. Must view in BLACK. Would love to know how it looks.

3.2.1 Dream Big

Hello Friends, Back to sunset world. This shot is one of my first long exposures with the Lee big stopper and somehow the exposure time came to 321 seconds, hence the name. I was with Jason Crowell on that beautiful sunset at the Grange jetty. The jetty and surrounding areas were crowded like I have never seen them before. Surprisingly the three friends sat through the 321 seconds of exposure admiring the beauty of nature.

After Saturday ni

Welcome back to the small world. posting the second image in the series. Modified the processing based on the input from my friends on the earlier image. This is take with Xpro 1 with the Lensbaby sweetoptic 35 attached via a metabones speed booster. The depth of field is literally paper thin when the lens is wide open. Let me know your thoughts.

King Spin

Hello friends, Been off for a while, working hard. Recently have been just posting scapes and nothing else, so thought off a change and a visit yo Adelaide zoo got me some good keeper shots. This lion decides to do a head spin and I was lucky to catch the action as it unfolded.

The City Across:

My Sydney visit though short was pretty hectic and productive from the photographic point of view. The long shoot with Lin Zee was fantastic as we kept moving and shooting and got quite a few keepers. This shot from Jeffries Street (place handpicked by Lin) across the Harbour view of the Opera house with the Harbour bridge was special for me because of the way the moving clouds caught the color from the city lights and sunset and had a reddish tinge to them. Thanks again Lin for a memorable evening. Stay Lighted.

Sunset Play

Hello Sunset Lovers, Skies like this have become a rarity in Adelaide, I was lucky enough to see one on a family trip. The sky was amazing and the sea on a low tide. The reflection of the sky made the atmosphere even more beautiful. Keep the Light with you.

Princes Pier: Unl

Hello Friends, Back to Melbourne. This shot was left unprocessed and took time and thought that black and white suited it best. Location and framing is similar to earlier color shot but this is a 72 second exposure. Follow the light.

Glittering Sydney

Hello Sydney Lovers, My short trip to Sydney meant I had to maximize the time available for shooting, and as Joe@plasmatico always asks me what I do during long exposures, I decided to put that time to good use. I went with dual set-up and this shot was from my new Fuji X-Pro 1, taken when the D800E was doing a long exposure of the Opera house. I love the film feel of X-pro 1 and the color rendition is really fantastic. Lin Zee was pretty scared the camera was going to fall into the harbour because I was balancing it on my camera bag at the edge of the tower. Thanks Lin for that wonderful evening. Would love to know how it looks. Cheers.

Dreamy Sunsets

Hello friends, Back to sunsets from Adelaide. This sunset was special because of the colors and the cloud formation around the Grange jetty. Loved the sky on that day and am still waiting for the next beautiful sunset to happen. Enjoy the light.

Opera House: Sydn

Hello Friends, The Sydney journey continues with this shot of the Iconic Opera house which was light painted red for the Chinese New year. Me and Lin Zee had great time shooting till late and this was one of the last shots of the evening. Lin has better shots with the 70-200 lens. It is an amazing place and was so lively even at 00:30 when we left the place. We shot the Opera house from many angles and locations that day and this for me was the best shot I could get. The reflection has been added in post-processing. Enjoy the beauty.

Sydney: Morning Burst

Hello Friends, I have been always a sunset shooter, probably due to laziness. Was greeted by a very dramatic sunrise in Sydney on my last day of recent trip. Had packed all my gear after a busy evening/night shooting spree with Lin Zee, but couldnt help myself from capturing this wonderful early morning drama. Behold the Light.

Sydney: Quietude

Hello Friends, A week long of work, travel and photography(of course) has ended and I finally get time to present the new series: Sydney. Had the opportunity to meet Lin Zee in sydney and we had a long evening/night shoot together. He drove me around to the city to the best spots for shooting including the Opera House. This is the longest exposure I have done so far (942 seconds) Enjoy the city lights.

Gold Spread

Hello Friends. Welcome back to sunsets after a gap. Coming back to sunsets from Adelaide, this one is from Port Willunga jetty. The plan was to do some late night steel wool fire shots but since we came in early, a sunset shoot at Willunga jetty is always something I look forward to. Enjoy the Light.


Hello Friends, The Melbourne exploration series continues with yet another long exposure from Princes Pier. Had to give this one something different so that it did not look similar to the earlier shots. Distortion introduced to give a fisheye feel. Would love to know how it looks.

Fall @ Fall

Hello Friends, Continuing with the Melbourne series. Must see in Black. This shot is from Erskine falls at Lorne and is 300 step down walk to get to this point. We were lucky as the cloud cover provided us with some diffused light. This shot has undergone digital manipulation to give it the Autumn effect and a few leaves added to the foreground. Hope it has turned out well.

Frozen Moments

Hello Friends, Presenting another capture from the Melbourne series. This is a 306 second exposure shot and a 10stop filter and 0.6 Hard Grad ND for sky. The sunset was pretty colorful but it was a cold windy evening by the jetty. Radial blur added to sky for added effect.

12 Apostles: Subl

Hello Friends, Continuing with my Melbourne series, here is one of many shots from the 12 Apostles. It was an evening like none other and a large number of photographers had lined up to capture the sunset. The atmosphere was sensational but with a sense of calmness and the 12 Apostles had a sublime feel to them. My favorite place to shoot and the weather like last time was bone chilling. Cant be thankful enough to Sharma for taking the initiative as I thought I could never make it. Enjoy the warmth from down under.

Tranquil: Princes Pier

Hello Friends, Presenting another shot from my recent Melbourne trip. This is a a longish exposure just around sunset(462 seconds) to freeze the moment. It was a wonderful evening and would have loved to have some more cloud cover, but the pier and the color cast from the filter made this a memorable photoshoot for me. Thanks again to Sharma for the great company.

Serenity: Erskine

Hello Friends, A very happy new year to you all Been away for a while for a family holiday to Melbourne. A trip to the Great ocean road is always top priority when I visit Melbourne. This time though a friend recommended this place on the way to the 12 Apostles and the visit here was definitely refreshing. Amazing place hidden from the common eye. Thanks Sharma for your wonderful company and taking me to such a beautiful place.

Jump to the Horiz

Processed differently as the routine was getting boring.

Fired Up

Hello Sun Chasers. Another sunset from Adelaide. This was,one of the best sunsets I saw early this year. Keep shining.

Rolled Up

Hello Friends, This shot is from the Mount Compass area of Adelaide. The hay stacks have always a favorite subject with photogs and I couldnt miss an opportunity to click a few. Keep shining.

Golden Apostles

Hello Friends. Still processing some of the pictures taken at the 12 Apostles, Great Ocean road, Australia. It was a great atmosphere with rain, clouds, sun, mist all at the same time. This image is of the the many bracketed images and processed with Colorefex. Enjoy the divine view.

Hallett Cove

Hi Sunset Lovers, A few days of busy schedule and here I am with another suset from Hallett Cove. The sunset colors on that day were beautiful and the tide low. Reverse GND 0.9 used for this shot.

Adelaide Hills

Welcome to the Adelaide inlands. A visit to the hills after a few sunsets should be pretty welcoming for all my friends.

Deep Within

Welcome back Sunset lovers. The second of many from my yesterdays sunset shoot. Always wanted to do an underwater shoot, and found the stones underwater reflected the sunset mood so beautifully. This 30 second exposure was to get the stones as clear as possible with a 0.9 Reverse grad to prevent horizon blowout. Hope you like it.


A fresh photoshoot after many days today. Reached the place late and set up quickly for the sunset but all I could manage was this long exposure of 319 seconds just after the sun had taken the dip. The incoming clouds did keep me happy though as the cloud movement was spectacular. Hallett cove is pretty rocky and I plan to go again for another shoot soon. Thanks for viewing.

The Spin

Continuing with the fire madness after a gap. This shot was also take at the Port Willunga Jetty at late night, probably around 00:00 hours. The fire streaks looked great but I wanted something more from the shot and hence left it for later processing. This picture is processed in colorefex and I then added the radial blur to the starry sky to give it a spin. The fire spin is courtesy Maresa. Hope it looks good.


Continuing with the lightpainting series, here is another version of our madness that day. This special pattern is courtesy of my friend Maresa.

Love @ Willunga

Dedicating this photo to this wonderful site were we all learn from each other and make new friends. Lets their be LOVE. The credit for this awesome lightpainting goes to my friend Emma.

Willunga Shining

New creative friends and me decided to invade the Port Willunga Jetty and set it on fire. I had never done this before and even dreamt of doing it, till yesterday. It was all fun with lots of learning experiences for all of us. Thanks Jessica Macrow for letting me be a part of this wonderful madness. Lots more to come., so keep shining. Lets play the social media Game

Black Swan

More of photoshop play. This shot is from Mount Lofty Botanic gardens.

Streaking Through

A sunset from under the Grange jetty. Finding little time to check often nowadays. Busy schedule killing me. THANK YOU ALL FOR 50000 affections.

Adelaide Hills

Went out after many days for a drive and ended up in the Adelaide hills. The sunset was beautiful with golden colors all around. This shot if from Hahndorf, The oldest German colony in South Australia. Processed in Colorefex. Radial blur added in PS.


Photoshop play. Friends, Will be travelling tomorrow, so may not be able to check back often. Cheers

2 Tree

Trying something different. Let me know how it looks.

Guided from Above

When the odds are against you and you feel all alone, remember there is Always someone from above to guide you. Be guided by the Light(As Joe says)

Rainbow Sydney

My short trip to Sydney did not allow me to indulge in photography during daytime but how can one visit Sydney and not shoot the Opera house. This is a 30 second exposure of the Opera house, Harbour bridge and the beautiful rainbow of city-lights. Hope you like it.

Foggy Flight

This is from Mussoorie, known also as Queen of the hills. The valley got submerged in fog even with the sun still high up. This was taken from the road connecting Dehradun to Mussoorie. The colors and the fog together made a spectacular scene. Birds added in PS.

Half Asleep

This cute pair was caught napping at daytime but one was only half a sleep, with one eye closed and the other open.

Hunt Begins

Seeing so much creativity on 500px everyday pushes me to try different things. Let me know how this one looks. Composite of two of my own images. Technique as asked by one of my friends Need photoshop. Choose a background picture that suits the bird/animal/object you want to have as the main element. Photoshop>filter>blur>motion...choose the angle and amount. Select the bird/animal and insert over the motion blurred image. Use eraser tool to fine tune the edges. Thats it, merge the layers.

Spring Visitors

Hoverfly working her way through flowers.

The Beauties

From the Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Solitude: Search within

An old shot of mine reprocessed to give a different feel. Grange jetty, where I often head to find some Solitude.

Port Willunga Jetty

Hello Friends, Sorry for brief absence, been really busy. Presenting one more from Port Willunga Jetty, My favorite place to shoot. May not be able to check back often. Enjoy in black background. Birds added in photoshop, (learning new tricks)

Standing through

Second shot from the Konark Sun Temple.

Sun Temple: Konar

13th century Sun Temple (also known as the Black Pagoda), at Konark, in Odisha, India. It was supposedly built by king Narasimhadeva I of Eastern Ganga Dynasty around 1250. It has been built in the shape of a gigantic chariot with elaborately carved stone wheels, pillars and walls. A major part of the structure is now in ruins. The temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site This is a composite of two of my own images.

Last Remains

Another from the sunset series from Willunga

Once Alive

One from the Fall. Must see with Black background.